What do we drive with

With our trailers we can take up normal regular loads of pallets – up to 33 euro pallets at once. We also can take 95m3 of bulk cargo- from metal scrap, to grain and other small-dimension material.
Walking floor trailers makes unloading time shorter and in most cases we does not need any machines to unload cargo from trailer. Our drivers supervise process and make sure everything goes smoothly.

We have all permissions to perform transport of waste, we are also able to help other hauliers with gaining these kinds of permission. Our drivers are trained to fill up all papers concerning waste transport and add a lot of effort to make sure that especially this kind of transport is carried with all needed surveillance and safety.

To make our trip recognizable we stick to one pattern- all RED TRUCKS with GREY TRAILERS. We want our fleet to make one unity, and by the way we driver with our national colours. It also makes it easier for driver who keep changing – they now the trucks they now our standards.

Below we provide you with some short clips on how does our trailers deal with different types of cargo- maintly bulk cargo. It is fascinating how Walking Floor trailers helps drivers/ warehouse workers to do the job. And they shorten the process. We gain some precious time.